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Built in Austria, using the Bosch eBike System

Energised Bikes sells an extensive range of KTM Electric Bikes that use the Bosch eBike System. KTM eBikes are built in Austria, and use high-end componentry, making them exceptionally durable and perfectly suited for New Zealand’s tough and unknown terrain.

Join the eBike revolution – Experience the great outdoors, like you’ve never been able to before!


Test Rides Available Now in Queenstown!

Keen to try an Electric Bike? We have a number of KTM and Magnum Demo Bikes available for test rides. Give us a call to arrange a time.

Contact us at anytime to book a test ride, or to find out more! 

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The KTM eBike System


Quality european eBike designed and built by KTM in Austria

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German engineered Bosch eBike System that adds power to the bike

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A full range of high-end accessories, to enhance the eBike experience

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Our eBike Service


When you first purchase your eBike, the team at Energised Bikes will ensure the bike has undergone a pre-delivery check and has been set up to fit the individual rider. We will also educate you on how the eBike operates.


Energised Bikes offer a free six week check with all eBikes they sell. This check allows us to install the latest Bosch software updates, and complete a basic mechanical service. It's also a good time where customers can ask us any questions they may have.


We recommend that your eBike is serviced at least every 12 months. This ensures that the software of your eBike is kept up to date, and all mechanical components can be thoroughly checked. eBikes must be serviced every 12 months by a registered dealer to ensure the warranty remains valid.

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